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Clipping Path Service

A clipping path forms a stroke around an entity in your picture enabling you to detach the entity and put it in another picture. There are two ways a Photoshop clipping path can be formed. A magic wand tool is the easiest option. It is located in the tools palette. Photoshop samples the color of that pixel when you click on a part of your picture. A clipping path around any part of the picture with similar shades of that color is then formed by Photoshop. However, with complex images, this method can cause jagged edges or ghosting.

The second clipping path option in Photoshop involves doing everything by hand. It is done by employing the Pen tool which is actually a combination of several tools. You will employ the “Delete Anchor Point”, “Convert Point Tool” and “Add Anchor Point”. Start by zooming into the picture and while utilizing these three tools to trace the border. Focus on the centre as this is where has blended the background with the edges of the object.

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    17 May 2018

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    Cool House

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Every image is handled separately. Images are in any format like psd, jpeg, bitmap or eps. Pictures shot in digicam are in jpeg format or Joint Photographic Experts Group. Editing images in jpeg format is relatively easy as photographers may not always have the knowledge to edit images professionally. Retouching a photo is done simply giving it an enhanced appearance. The photo is set with a basic clipping path technique that facilitates the changing of its background. A defined shape isolates the main object helping to knock out the unwanted portions.

The knockout approach has advanced over the years incorporating sharp vector lines allowing the digital images to become more attractive to the eye. The various methods used during editing are called ‘Work Path’. With more tools on the menu, clipping path has become more useful to a final composition of the image. On completion of editing, the image is saved in pdf, dcs or pds format. The eps format is preferred by most clients because further changes can be made if need arises.

About the Project

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Multiple Clipping Path is utilized for those pictures, which require isolation of parts & change the shade around individual components. Also, it's done to split some parts of the photo for further image manipulation/editing in Photoshop. Multiple Clipping Paths may be applied with any product image.

This is important for e-commerce websites on the World Wide Web to make your product or service stand out from the crowd. Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, CorelDraw, Illustrator etc. are popular software to do multiple clipping Path. But generally used tool or software is Adobe Photoshop in the service of multiple clipping paths.


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