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Clipping Path Service

Deep etching service, also known as image clipping or background removal, is a professional image editing technique used to isolate objects from their backgrounds with precision. Through meticulous manual or automated tracing around the edges of the subject, deep etching ensures clean, crisp edges, allowing the object to be seamlessly integrated into different backgrounds or settings. This service is widely utilized in e-commerce, advertising, product photography, and graphic design to enhance visual appeal, remove distractions, and create polished, professional-looking images. Deep etching enables versatility and flexibility in image manipulation, empowering designers and marketers to showcase products or subjects effectively in various contexts while maintaining visual consistency and quality.

  • Date

    17 May 2018

  • Client Name

    Cool House

About the Project

Deep etching involves meticulously isolating a specific part of an image, effectively removing it from the background. This process is akin to creating a precise path around an object or its components, allowing for targeted adjustments.


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