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Clipping Path Services By Human For Human.

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It all starts with background removal and product alignment but we go much further: wrinkle retouching, invisible mannequin, color adjustment, drop shadows or reflection for your product images, returning clipping paths & layer masks for your images. Just ask what need to be done with the image and we will do it. Images in Mac file format is also available on request.


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Clipping path is one of the most useful tools in Photoshop used to draw closed vector path to separate an image from the background. To cut out the required image from the rest of the photo, clipping path is mostly used. When you draw a line around an image using the tool, it will include the inside part and exclude the outside one. It is mostly used for changing the background of the photo.

The Clipping Path procedure is necessary to provide a new dimension to a photograph. The process may look easy but it is quite complicated and is best done by certified professionals. There are basically two options in the use of Clipping Path: first, you can use the magic wand tool found in the tools palette or you can also use the Pen tool which consists of different tools.

Deep etching is actually a term used by graphic designers to select a certain object in an image and place it in a different background. The basic aim is to make the object the focus. This is done in such a way that a busy background is turned into an opaque one so that the product stands alone. Deep etching requires a great deal of expertise. This is one of the main reasons why companies charge such a great amount to photoshop an image or to deep etch it. However we provide reasonably priced deep etching services!

DeepEtching is your one shop stop for any service related to PhotoShop! Customizable packages, good communication, attention to details and dedication in work is what can you expect from us. Photo editing is taken to the level of art today, and we like to consider ourselves artists.

Image masking is one of the most important if not the most important tool process in a Photoshop. It has to be used everywhere and almost every time in creating that perfect picture. So what is this image masking? As the name suggests, image masking is a series of action that covers you picture with an entirely different picture. But you can control the level of transparency a picture has over the other one. Picture that you have 2 images of a married couple. In one picture, they are leaving the wedding venue in a car and their backs are towards the camera and in another picture, there are holding hands and looking into each other eyes.

Images masking allow you to fuse both the pictures together so that an entirely different image is created by image masking the two picture together wherethe couple are leaving in a car while simultaneously they are holding hands and looking at each other in this picture.

Retouching is a Photoshop operation that is usually performed on a face in the photograph. We all know that the tradition point and shoot or a professional camera can take picture only up to a certain level. To reach the perfection stage for the photograph, retouching is an important tool. Ordinary looking skin tone is brightened and their colour and brightness are enhanced with a goal to make the skin glow.

This process is advance. whitening or dampening the skin accordingly requires a great degree of precision and clipping path India provides exactly that. We have retouched many model’s images appearing on the cover of magazines with more than satisfactory results. We also provide higher level retouching such as frequency separation to get the right picture. Upload your picture and see how a simple retouching process can infinitely enhance you picture.

eCommerce needs hundreds of high quality photos to display all the items that you sell on your website. When the photo of a product is of high quality and excellent in its appearance without any blemish, it automatically sells. If the photo is defective instead of promoting the product, it kills even the chances of its future sale even. In short, an imperfect and defective photo of the product ruins its sale value and its future. So you need to take utmost care in getting the images of your products perfectly.

How to create such unique and excellent photos that sell and make your ecommerce business highly profitable? You need photos that are spotless and impeccable in their quality. Usually, many photos taken by even expert photographers need retouching and color correction. They need to be edited perfectly.

Every business wants its display area in exhibition or even at workplace to look exclusive. It is the grand appeal and appearance of the furniture which marks positive impression on visitors. Despite of the simple resources, the business owners are proud to claim their furnishings to be the best. How? This is simply due to the mechanism of furniture images editing or retouching. This process includes touch-ups, modification and embellishment in the furniture images to be showcased in profession portfolio.

And if the imagery that you have used to signify your furniture on the online store is not capable of attracting clientele, then definitely you would fail to withstand in the web marketplace. But you don’t have to worry as furniture image editing is possible. Yes, with the help of image editing you can get your furniture’s images edited and draw more and more customer’s attention.

Are you into online footwear business? Do you know that the pictures you upload in your web page should be uniquely presentable? No matters how beautiful your shoes in real are, if the pictures on your website are not presentable, then there are rarest of rare chances to get customers. Yeah, the first thing a potential buyer do is browse online for multiple options and if he/she likes something online they promptly purchase it. So, it is highly crucial that you have good pictures on your web.

If you are also looking for someone who can edit shoe images for you professionally, then you have actually landed on the right place! Trust that! It’s been a decade we are in the Industry providing custom photo editing services worldwide. We believe in giving the best services so that we can have happy and 100% satisfied customers.

Image cut out is a procedure that will result in separating the desires object from a photograph. clipping path India has the perfect team of editors that will help you in separating your desired object from the photograph and converting it into another image which contains only that object. To ensure the quality is up to the standard. The cut out images are done by experienced professionals who have worked on thousands of images thereby creating delightful pictures.

If the customers desire, we also provide service where the cut out object is placed on beautiful background of theirchoice instead of a plain one. upload a picture at clipping path Indian and we will ensure that you will have a wonderful picture of your desired object or loved ones.

Apparels can be promoted if the proven techniques of revenue maximization are followed. One of the common ways to improve the engagement rate of an online apparel store is to focus on its aesthetics. This can in turn be aimed at by applying apparel photo editing. The professionally edited photographs compel users to click on the products and explore their features.

Apart from this, clothing image editing needs are fulfilled when each and every aspect of apparel is addressed. On the other hand, it should be ensured that highest quality should be highlighted as a part of photo editing of apparels. It can be concluded that with adequate training imparted to individuals, photo retouching, refining and clipping can deliver authentic as well as appealing look to the clothes. This will lead to increased response from buyers to purchase products after viewing clothes.

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"Incredible people! From basic edits to advanced retouching, it's perfect for amateurs and pros alike. Thanks to Abhi, he helped us not only in editing the images he also helped us in the onboarding process on Shopify as well. Highly recommend for anyone looking to elevate their photography game."

Coriss Ambady

Financial Analyst

"Absolutely love this company! Specially, communication was great with Abhi. Process was very smooth. From basic adjustments to advanced effects, it's helped me take my photography to the next level effortlessly."

Cory Zamora

Marketing Specialist

"These peopleare a game-changer! It's intuitive, versatile, and delivers professional-quality results every time. Whether I'm editing portraits, landscapes, or still life shots, this platform has become my go-to choice for all my projects. Revisions were also done as per request. "

Nikolas Brooten

Sales Manager

"It revolutionized my editing process with its intuitive interface and powerful features. From basic adjustments to creative effects, it's transforming ordinary photos into extraordinary works of art. Highly recommend it!"

Coriss Ambady

Financial Analyst

"Incredible photo editing experience with Abhi! Its seamless workflow has elevated my photography to new heights. Consistency in image editing was good. Whether I'm editing portraits, landscapes, or still life, this platform consistently delivers stunning results. A must-have for every photographer!"

Jackie Sanders

Investment Planner

"With Abhi, editing photos has become a breeze! He helped to me create stunning images effortlessly. They have delivered images before TAT. I'm a beginner in this field and they helped me for all my editing needs."

Laura Widerski

Sales Specialist

"I've tried countless photo editing websites, but none compare to Photo Services. Its user-friendly design and process make it stand out. From basic edits to intricate enhancements, it's my go-to choice for professional-quality results every time."

Laura Widerski

Sales Specialist

"Exceptional editing made effortless! It's become my go-to for achieving stunning visuals, whether for personal projects or professional endeavors. Highly recommend for all skill levels!"

Laura Widerski

Sales Specialist

"Abhi delivered images overnight. It helps us speed up the onboarding process. My visuals now stand out effortlessly. This company is my go-to for stunning results every time!"

Laura Widerski

Sales Specialist

"Whether I'm editing portraits or landscapes, this company consistently delivers stunning results. Communication was very fast, and I really like editing work as well. Highly recommended!"

Laura Widerski

Sales Specialist


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Absolutely! We assure you that your photographs are kept highly confidential and we promise you complete securityto your photos. We ensure that our photo editors have high levels of personal integrity and keep photos of each joborder in a separate folder and we don’t juggle with the photos either intentionally or unintentionally.Our latest and powerful anti-virus software ensures complete protection to your photos.

We would like to keep you informed that it very rarely happens with our services. However, if you are not happy with the quality of our service, and specify what you don’t like, we will rectify the same without any additional charges.

We accept payments via PayPal, all credit card and debit card payments and wire-transfer as well.

Absolutely! Your photos are safe and secure with us. We delete all the photos once the order is complete satisfactorily.

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Yes. The minimum amount for any order is $5.99. Please be assured that every order gets the same attention levelsfrom our experts. We don’t pay less or more attention on any particular customers.


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